Phoenix Lodge #123 - A Premier Freemason Lodge in Perrysburg

Welcome to the heart of Freemasonry in Perrysburg, Ohio! Delve into the rich tapestry of Masonic history, values, and community involvement right here in Perrysburg. Our freemason lodge, a beacon of fellowship and tradition, offers a window into the world of Freemasonry, providing valuable insights and opportunities for those interested in joining or learning more about our esteemed organization.

what is freemasonry

What Is Freemasonry

Freemasonry offers a system or blueprint for the good man to further improve his character and actions through its system of degrees, symbols, and fellowship opportunities.

Phoenix #123 History

Explore the legacy of Phoenix Lodge #123 and the significance of Freemasonry in the vibrant community of Perrysburg, OH. Discover how local Freemasons contribute to societal enrichment.

Phoenix Updates & Events

Visit our updates page for Phoenix Lodge Freemasons in Perrysburg, Ohio, where we share the latest news on our community service projects, educational talks, and fraternal gatherings.

The Lodge In Perrysburg

Nestled in the heart of Perrysburg, Ohio, The Lodge offers an exquisite rental space that is perfect for hosting a wide range of events and gatherings. This versatile venue features a spacious area capable of accommodating up to 150 guests, making it ideal for weddings, corporate events, banquets, parties, and community meetings. The Lodge boasts a full commercial kitchen, providing exceptional culinary possibilities for catering and event dining. With its elegant ambiance and functional design, our Masonic Hall is the premier choice for those seeking a distinguished and accommodating setting in Perrysburg, OH.

Joining Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a respected and historic brotherhood that focuses on personal improvement, moral integrity, and helping others. It offers a path to self-improvement and camaraderie, anchored in core values like friendship, charity, and honesty. Joining a Freemason Lodge means joining a supportive global community where you can grow, make lasting friendships, and positively impact society. The traditions and ceremonies of Freemasonry provide a meaningful experience, inspiring members to live better lives and build a better world. Joining Freemasonry is a fulfilling journey of learning and mutual support.

Photos of Perrysburg Masonic Lodge Events

Perrysburg Masonic Lodge. Home of Phoenix Lodge #123

Perrysburg’s Freemasonry tradition is a part of our community’s heritage since 1844. Whether you’re looking to join or simply wish to learn more, the Perrysburg Masonic Lodge welcomes you. Embrace the journey of discovery and become part of a global fraternity that values tradition, community, and personal growth. Visit us to experience the spirit of Freemasonry in Perrysburg,