Perrysburg Masonic Lodge - Phoenix Lodge #123

Reither building at 101 louisiana 1910

reither building at 101 louisiana 1910

About twenty-eight years after the founding of the Village of Perrysburg, Ohio, a group of interested persons gathered together pursuant to a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio and organized a Lodge of Free Masons. This meeting took place on March 7, 1844. A Special meeting was called on March 11, 1844, for the purpose of reading and adopting the “By-laws” of the lodge.

Behind the contemporary façade of this structure are one or more much older buildings. An 1869 local newspaper article refers to the possible addition of an upper story to one of them and the erection of a Masonic Hall. 

There is a later newspaper reference to “the old Masonic Lodge” designed by the architectural firm of Langdon & Hohley of Toledo and built by Leon LaFarree in 1920.

Phoenix Masonic Lodge #123 in Perrysburg, OH, was officially established on May 25, 1844. The lodge met in various locations within the village before purchasing land in 1969 for a new building.

Perrysburg Masonic Lodge 590 E South Boundary St

Construction started sixteen years later, and the lodge moved into the new facility in October 1986, with a cornerstone ceremony and dedication held on April 26, 1987. A copper casket containing memorabilia was placed behind the cornerstone for future opening.

phoenix lodge perrysburg masonic lodge

Past Grand Master James Olmstead

One notable past master of Phoenix Masonic Lodge #123 in Perrysburg, OH, is James Olmstead, who served as Worshipful Master in 1975-76. Olmstead had a distinguished Masonic career, being coroneted a 33rd Degree Mason and serving in various high-ranking positions within the Masonic community, including as Grand Master of Masons in Ohio in 1994. His contributions to Freemasonry were recognized with numerous honors, such as the “Medal of Honor” from the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, NMJ, and the “Knight Grand Cross” among others.

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Current Lodge Officer Line

Worshipful Master

alex ulrich

Alex M. Ulrich

Senior Warden

James C. Alford

Junior Warden

greg zook

Gregory L. Zook

Senior Deacon

larry black phoenix lodge

Larry Black

Junior Deacon

jason kelley phoenix lodge

Jason J. Kelley


doug king

Douglas W. King


mike lossick

Michael Lossick


ted korn

Theodore Korn

Lodge Education

kevin fuller phoenix lodge

Kevin Fuller

Senior Steward

Scott King

Junior Steward

kyle haas phoenix lodge

Kyle Haas


Gary Black